Help - Listening to eAudiobooks on Android and Kindle Fire
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Listening to eAudiobooks on Android and Kindle Fire

audiobook player
  • 1. Create a Bookmark - Tap the bookmark icon to save your place in the audiobook. Tap on the icon referenced below in #6 to view your bookmarks.
  • 2. Advance Forward - If you want to browse forward or backward, drag your finger along the slider.
  • 3. Audio Controls - Use these controls to go backward one chapter, go backward 30 seconds, play/pause, go forward 30 seconds, go forward one chapter.
  • 4. Volume - Use the slider to increase or decrease the audiobook player's volume..
  • 5. Sleep Timer - Tap the sleep timer to assign a time for the audiobook to automatically stop playing. For example, you can set your audiobook to stop playing after the next chapter, or after 15 minutes. 
  • 6. Access Bookmarks and Chapters - Tap the menu to bring up a list of chapters and bookmarks you have created.